Senior Consultant & Chief, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd. (MIMS)
Kozhikode. Kerala, India- 673016
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Recently did Two Heart Transplants in Kozhikode.

Received the UT Tithin Raj award in 2015 for revolutionizing cardiac surgery and for his invetions in OPCAB surgery

Was nominated for the Techno-College Innovation award for the year 2010 and 2015 He was one of the three surgeons nominated from over 23 innovators who had submitted their innovations to the EACTS (European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgery). The nomination was for the Vettath's Anastomotic Obturator in 2010 and for the SIMS(Simple Indian Made stabilizer) in year 2015.


Operated at the Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam on 20th Nov 2012. Ped OPCAB and MVR there.

Operated at the University Medical Center of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on the 19th and 20th of Nov 2012.Performed OPCAB to demonstrate the intricacies of the technique.

Demonstrated the use of VAO on a patient at Fortis heart Institute New Delhi on 14th Jan 2012 during the National IACTS CTCME.

Performed three OPCAB procedures at two separate hospitals during the XVI international congress of the Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery held in LIMA, Peru. S. America.- March 17th to 18th 2011.

Performed OPCAB- off pump coronary artery bypass surgeries at INSTITUTE OF CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE. Department of cardiac surgery, Timisoara, ROMANIA between 1st and 6th of June 2007, to start their OPCAB programme in their center.

Dr Murali Vettath has immensely contributed to the field of beating heart surgery and to cardiac surgery at large. He has been one of the pioneers of off pump surgery, having performed the first beating heart surgery in Bangladesh. He has had extensive training in coronary artery surgery from Australia, Holland and Paris.
Dr Vettath has great treasure of achievement to his credit. He has invented a proximal anastomotic device used widely in beating heart surgery. Has recently developed-The SIMS.(simple Indian made stabilizer) which has been sent for patenting-( June 2015)-Performed more that 250 OPCABs with that so far. He had performed TWO HEART TRANSPLANTS in 2015 at Kozhikode. He has also devised techniques of long mammary patch anastomosis for diffusely diseased coronary artery. He has also fabricated many instruments and devices used in beating heart surgery. He has delivered many lectures, presented research papers and published articles in national and international forums. Dr Vettath has bagged several awards and honors in recognition of his excellence.
He has been a front runner in the quest to perform 100% off pump surgeries for coronary artery bypass grafting and has been instrumental in starting OPCAB (off pump by surgery) in many cardiac centers.
The Department of Cardiac Surgery at MIMS started functioning since July 2002. We perform around 500 Open Heart Surgeries per year including Adult & Pediatric cardiac surgery.
Hundred percent of all Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts are being performed on Beating Heart OPCAB since last three year (OFF PUMP CORONARY ARTERY BYPASS). This procedure has greatly reduced the postoperative morbidity and helped in fast tracking our patients after cardiac surgery. This has been very helpful in patients with co-morbidities and with low ejection fraction (sick hearts).
TOTAL ARTERIAL CORONARY REVASCULARIZATION (TACR) using both mammary arteries and radial artery is also being performed here.
We are one of the few centers in India who perform REDO CABG'S & EMERGENCY CORONARY REVASCULARISATION PROCEDURES FOR ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROME & POST INFARCTION ANGINA on Beating Heart, without using Heart Lung Machine.
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