Chairman- Cardiac surgery
Institute of Heart, Vascular & Transplantation.


Dr. Murali P Vettath is a new generation coronary surgeon – one of the handful of surgeons in the world, performing 100% of his coronary surgeries on beating heart without the use of Heart Lung Machine. He has been a pioneer and protagonist of this “cutting edge technology” and has trained numerous surgeons and anaesthesiologists in this field of cardiac surgery around the world.

He has 27 years post MCh experience in Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery, including 19 years as Chief Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Has performed 7500 plus open-heart surgeries with more than 4500 of them on beating heart for coronary artery bypass surgery with a mortality of less than 0.5%. He has had no conversions on to the Pump in the last Ten years.

Performed the first MICS (minimally invasive cardiac surgery) IN KERALA in July 2002.Right anterior mini thoracotomy for closure of ASD and ever since have been performing MICS FOR MITRAL AND AORTIC VALVE SURGERIES AS WELL.

Performed the first OPCAB IN 2002 IN NORTH KERALA and has performed more than 4500 OPCABS so far (2017).

Performed the first Total arterial revascularization AND FIRST OPCAB SURGERY (off pump coronary artery bypass) in Dhaka in 1999 and in North Kerala in 2003 and has been performing the same ever since.

Has performed the maximum number of Bentall’s procedure (Aortic root replacement) in north Kerala with lowest mortality since 2002.

Has invented the VETTATH’S ANASTOMOTIC OBTURATOR- A proximal anastomotic device used during OPCAB surgery, which has been patented in 2004.

(Vettath’s Anastomotic Obturator: A Simple Proximal Anastomotic Device. The Heart Surgery Forum #2003-73305 6 (5), 2003 & Vettath’s Anastomotic Obturator — our experience of 269 proximal anastomosis. (Heart Lung and Circulation 2004; 13:288–290)

Has developed the SIMS (Simple Indian made stabilizer) …for performing OPCAB SURGERY, which has been sent for patenting in 2015. Has performed more than 600 OPCAB’s using the SIMS. Has over the years innovated, fabricated, developed and modified different technics and technology to perform OPCAB surgery…like:
Vettaths technique of mammary patch without endarterectomy for diffusely diseased coronary arteries. (The Heart Surgery Forum #2007-1155 11 (2) P 64-67) & (Asian Cardiovasc Thorac Ann 2008;16:313-317) Developed the first Aortocoronary shunt in 2000 to perform OPCAB(Presented in ISMICS in Paris) Developed the long intracoronary shunt to perform mammary patch in diffusely diseased coronary arteries.

Developed the Vettath’s Blower and blower mister (Asian Cardiovasc Thorac Ann 2008;16:76-77)
Vettath’s technique of OPCAB surgery. (Published the chapter on Re-enginerring in OPCAB surgery in a text book – Special topics in cardiac surgery.)

Vettaths modification of the use of IABP in OPCAB surgery (World Journal Of Cardiovascular Disease,2016,6,188-195)

Developed the Vettaths-JP cardioplegia device for delivery of warm blood cardioplegia.

Has been one of the few surgeons in the world, performing 100 percent of his OPCAB surgeries over the last 10 years without any conversion to the Heart Lung Machine.

Performed three Heart transplantations in 2015 of which one of them has survived more than two years and other one over 18 Months …a first of its kind in north Kerala.

Has delivered Invited lectures in 21 countries.

Has operated and demonstrated his technique of OPCAB in different places in India and around the world (Trivandrum, Delhi, Kulashekaram in TN, Ahmedabad, Lima in Peru, Ho Chi Minh city – Vietnam, Dhaka – Bangladesh) And in Timisoara – Romania, & Durban, S Africa.

Recently Dr Murali & his Team performed the FIRST MICS (minimally invasive cardiac surgery) – OPCAB (off pump coronary artery bypass)- TAR( Total arterial revascularisation) in India on 13th Nov 2017 using indigenous instrumentation. A Make in India initiative!! & Performed the first MICS –OPCAB – TAR in South Africa in April 2018.