Vettaths’s Blower and Blower Mister.

We have also fabricated a blower/mister utilizing disposable items available in the operating theatre. A coronary osteal perfusion cannula is again the mainstay of the device. An IV cannula is connected to its distal end. To the proximal end, a normal IV set is connected. The other end of the IV set is connected to an oxygen outlet through a ¼ inch tube as in the blower setup.
Another IV set connected to a normal saline bag covered by a pressure bag is used as the fluid outlet. The distal end of the IV set is connected to a Judkins right coronary artery (RCA) catheter (Cordis Corporation, Miami, FL, USA), routinely used for coronary angiography, via a 3-way stop-cock. The end of the Judkins catheter is passed through the rubber section of the IV set (which is connected to the coronary osteal cannula) and into the base of the IV cannula, through the core of the coronary osteal cannula.
The principle of the blower/mister is to blow the oxygen around the fluid that comes from the center of the catheter, thereby delivering a mixture of fluid and air at the end of the IV cannula. This system is able to deliver and provide the same flow as given by the commercially available blower/mister. This could be re-used routinely after ethylene oxide sterilization.