Medical Camp 1 conducted by Healthy Heart Forum at Palayi on 20th October 2013


The inaugural medical camp was for women over 45 years, who had the symptoms for cardiac problems, was jointly organized by the Healthy Heart Forum, Blood Donors Forum and Councillors of Calicut Corporation Wards 23, 29, 30, 31 Palayi at the Kachillat School premises on 20/10/2013.

The camp commenced at 9:00 AM with the following counters:

Registration Counters – 2
BMI Counters – 4
BP Counters – 4
GRBS Counters – 3
Blood Grouping – 1
Cholesterol Check – 2


After the various tests the people were taken to the Consultation Room where doctors V Gopakumar, Ismail E T, AV Kannan, Nitin G and Athmaja reviewed their results and gave proper advice. Dr Murali Vettath dealt with women who had the possibility of cardiac risks. They were told to take an ECG and review once again. Those who required further evaluation were told to meet the concerned Doctors.

The Mayor of Calicut Corporation Prof A K Premajam arrived at 10:30 AM to inaugurate the camp. She was received by the Coucillors – Mrs Devaki K, Mrs Kavitha Arun and Mr Koya Moideen,  Mr Hemapalan of the Healthy Heart Forum and Mr Ashok Alaprath of the Blood Donors Forum. The Mayor was happy that such a camp was being held for women and she hoped that more such camps will be conducted in the future.  Dr Murali Vettath then gave a talk on the urgency for women to be aware of the symptoms of cardiac risks and the need to take precautions before it was too late. There was a power point presentation on the subject. He also spoke on the fact that people should be made aware of the necessity to donate organs. Even now people were not ready to pledge their organs for the needy. Mr Hemapalan and Mr Ashok Alaprath also spoke.

After this programme the registration for KNOS (Kerala Network of Organ Sharing) and Healthy Heart Forum began.

The camp concluded at 5:30PM in the evening with a valedictory function where the District Panchayat President Mrs Kannathil Jameela was the Chief Guest. She thanked Dr Murali Vettath for helping the Councillors to hold such a unique camp. She urged the women to take heed of the risk factors pointed out by Dr Murali and she also supported the need to make people aware of the importance of organ donation. She then distributed KNOS ID cards to over 50 people who had registered at the camp.

Mr Jayaprakash the Camp Co-ordinator then gave the vote of thanks.



Ward 23 – 133
Ward 29 – 15
Ward 30 – 96
Ward 31 – 41
Total – 285
HHF Registration – 75
KNOS Registration – 50




  1. In spite of holding a Press Meet with all the leading dailies media coverage was poor.
  2. Many of the women had been diagnosed earlier and were already under treatment.
  3. The aim of the camp (Identifying cardiac risk symptoms) was not properly informed to the people by the Councillors.
  4. There were no facilities for waste management or cleaning up the premises after the camp. It was done by the camp staff.
  5. Waiting room was not provided for those who came from far off and needed a place to rest while waiting for the Cholesterol check results. Many were forced to wait till evening to collect the results.
  6. Could not complete all the reviews as the lab test results were delayed.
  7. A register for all the ECG’s done was not maintained.



  1. It was decided to conduct camps only in the forenoon.
  2. There should be a Residents Association meeting prior to the camp.
  3. A class for all residents on the aim and nature of the camp to be held before the actual camp.
  4. Organ donation should not be clubbed with the cardiac risk awareness camp.
  5. No more press meet. Personal contacts to be used instead.
  6. Waste management and cleaning up to be done by Resident Associations.