Medical Camp 2 conducted by Healthy Heart Forum 2 at Manasseri on 15th December 2013


A medical camp jointly organised by the Healthy Heart Forum, Alliance International, NIT and Swarga Chitra Kala Samskarika Vedi was held at the Manasseri Govt UP School on 15/12/2013.

Mr Moyinkutty C, MLA inaugurated the camp at 9:00 AM. This was followed with a talk by Dr Murali P Vettath on the urgency for people, especially women, to be aware of the symptoms of cardiac risks and the need to take precautions before it was too late. There was a power point presentation on the subject.

The camp then commenced at 10:00 AM with the following counters:

Registration Counters – 1
BMI Counters – 2
BP Counters – 2
GRBS Counters – 2
Cholesterol Check – 2
ECG Counter – 1
KNOS + HHF Counter – 1

In Attendance:  Dr Murali P Vettath, Dr Gopakumar V, Dr Kannan AV, Dr Ismail ET, Dr Nitin G and about 28 staff from CVTS Dept. and volunteers from the organising committees.



Registration 156 ( Males: 91 (58%) / Females: 65 (41%)
ECG Done 19 (almost all normal)
Youngest Person 28 yrs Oldest Person 85 yrs

About 50% of the people who attended the camp were between 40 and 60 years of age.
42 % of the people had a cholesterol count of 200 and above.
10 entries did not have details on Ht/Wt/BMI/BP/GRBS.
8 out of 146 people were obese. (3 males and 5 women)
The camp wound up at about 1:00 PM. and lunch was served by the organizers.
In conclusion it must be mentioned that this camp was well organized for it to function smoothly.