Medical Camp 3 conducted by Healthy Heart Forum at Narikunni on 16th February 2014


The third medical camp was held at the Kunathaparamba ALP Govt. Upper Primary School, Narikunni on 16/02/2014. It was jointly conducted by Udayam Swayam Sahayam Sangam and the Healthy Heart Forum. An opthalmology camp was also provided by the Malabar Eye Hospital.

The camp was inaugrated with a talk by Dr Murali Vettath on the cardiac risks faced by women above the age of 45 years. He advised these women to be aware of the symptoms and take necessary action.
Dr Sheela of Malabar Eye Hospital spoke on the need to do eye checkups on a regular basis for those above the age of 40.

In attendance: Dr. Murali P Vettath, Dr. A V Kannan, Dr Ismail E T, Dr Sanooj O P, and 20 staff of CVTS Department.

The camp commenced at 9:00AM with the following counters:

Registration – 1
BMI – 2
BP – 1
GRBS – 1
ECG – 1

After the various tests the patients were examined by the doctors and given the required advice. Those who had cardiac risk symptoms were told to take an ECG. They were reviewed by Dr Murali P Vettath who advised as per their requirements. The camp concluded at 1:00 PM.



There was a good turnout for the camp with 114 people participating with 53 males ( 46%) and 61 females(54%).

Of the 114 people, 12% had GRBS count above 200. 1.8% had counts of above 300. Those with counts above 400 were 2.7%.

Agewise break-up:

30 and below 6
31-40 24
41-50 25
51-60 29
61-70 23
71-80 7

Of the 2 ECG’s done both were within normal limits.