Vettaths Technique of Long Mammary Patch Anastomosis

Most patients with diffuse coronary disease require endarterectomy for revascularization. In view of the high morbidity and mortality associated with coronary endarterectomy, patch angioplasty and reconstruction of the coronary artery was developed. The procedure consisted of laying open the entire diseased segment of the coronary artery and patching it with an in-situ left internal mammary artery onlay patch, without endarterectomy, in an off-pump procedure.  At 1-year follow-up, most patients were in New York Heart Association functional class I. Follow-up angiography was carried out in 16 patients and showed good patency of all anastomoses. Arterial patch reconstruction of the left anterior descending coronary artery can be performed safely and effectively in an off-pump procedure, with excellent early and intermediate results.